Russian manicure or Electronic File Manicure

March 17, 2022 | Nail Bliss

We are the pioneer nail salon that introduce Russian Manicure where all our staff are professionally trained to perform this service.

What is a Russian Manicure?
Russian Manicure is a technique originated from Russia and is also known as a dry or e-file manicure. It is a high-quality service that involves using an electronic file to
remove cuticles surrounding the nail bed to achieve a precise & clean cuticle line.

How long does Russian Manicure takes?
This process takes about an hour to complete ensuring that each step is performed safely and meticulously.

Benefits of Russian Manicure

* Cuticles can be thoroughly pushed back and removed hence allowing our nail technician to apply gel product as close to the cuticle as possible.

* Slow down the growth of cuticles.

* A Russian Manicure is long lasting and can last up to 3-4 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow.

Are Russian manicures safe?

When done correctly, it is totally safe. The e-filer used in Russian manicures prevents inflammation and unnecessary cuts from a cuticle nipper. It is therefore important to go to an experienced nail technician for such service . At Nail Bliss, all our Nail Technicians are highly skilled in Russian manicures techniques. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

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