Classic Manicure $22

What is it?

A classic manicure is the application of regular nail polish. During the treatment, your nails will be filed,buffed and shaped, with proper cuticle care as well.

After which, regular base coat will be applied to ensure protection for your natural nails, followed by the colour then the top coat. This treatment will be finished with some cuticle oil to keep your nails nourished and protected.

Will it damage my nails?

No, a classic manicure poses no threat to your nail health and is a good option if you are in between treatments and trying to regain strength in your natural nails.

How long does it take?

The treatment should take up to 30 minutes.

How do I remove it?

Either acetone or regular nail polish will remove a classic manicure.

Classic Gel Manicure $53

What is it?

A gel manicure is a service that uses gel-based polish and requires a LED light to cure the polish and lock it onto your nails.

While gel manicures look just like your regular old mani, the added benefits are that they last longer and feel sturdier. Plus, the beauty of a gel manicure is that anyone can get one, whether your nails are super short or long.

Will it damage my nails?

Fortunately not. However, slight damage will occur if you pick at your gel manicure, as this will strip off some of your natural nail on your nail plate leaving it weaker and thinner. Overgrown gel manicure may also damage your nails therefore it is not advisable to keep your gel nails on for more than three weeks.

How long does it take?

A gel manicure with one colour can take up to 45 minutes.

How do I remove it?

It is highly recommended to return to the salon to have your gel removed professionally. DIY removal will damage your natural nails.

Classic Pedicure $33

Classic Gel Pedicure $63

Experience the best pedicure with our professional nail technicians who are thorough, meticulous and gentle. Indulge in a relaxing and long lasting pedicure at Nail Bliss .

What’s included :

* Soaking & sanitizing your feet

* Trimming, filing and shaping & buffing your toenails.

* Treatment of cuticles.

* Exfoliation of your feet using a foot file followed by foot scrub.

* Light hydrating foot massage

* Painting of your toenails. Note: Regular polish will be applied for classic pedicure & gel polish will be applied for gel pedicure.

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