The best quality Sculpture Gel Extension service

March 17, 2022 | Nail Bliss

Nail Bliss offers the best quality Sculpture Gel Extension service

What is Sculpture gel extension?

Sculpture gel extension is the perfect way to create a set of custom made nail extensions.  The sculpting method is an advanced nail extension process created using gel products, that are built to match the shape of your own natural nails.

During the sculpting process, instead of using a plastic tip glued onto your nails, a sticky paper foil form is attached to your finger.  Once the form is secured, gel is used to build the tip of the extensions to the desired length and shape, before fully creating the final structure of the nail.

Benefits of sculpting includes:

✔️ Compliments the natural shape of your nails

✔️ A lighter feel when compared to plastic tips

✔️ Stronger structure, natural looking & long lasting

*5 reasons to get sculpture nail extensions *

– No plastic tips added: Sculpted extensions are created using only gel products which means absolutely NO plastic tips are glued to your nails beforehand. This is perfect if you have previously had your nails fall off quickly due to tips not being correctly applied; this is also a better option if you are allergic to any of the chemicals within the glue used (to stick on tips). 

– Can be custom made to any length or shape you want: Whether you like the classy coffin, badass ballerina or super-sharp stiletto’s nail shape, each nail form can be tweaked when applying, to help create that dream nail shape you desire.

– Perfect for short nails (including nail biters): Short nails, including bitten nails, can sometimes be more challenging to create extensions using tips since nail beds can be flatter which the curve of plastic tips tend not to fit. By customising nail forms before applying gel, you can achieve a more natural looking set of extensions even with super short or bitten nails – giving you the confidence to flaunt your nails, rather than hiding them away!

– Can be used to correct or repair nails: If you have irregular nail shape such as nails that curls upwards or downwards, or simply a short/broken nail. Nails can be sculpted to correct shaping, giving you a more natural look and finish.  You can also choose a natural pink gel to hide any imperfections

– Offers more freedom with design: Sculpted nails provides you with more options when it comes to nail art and design. You either choose to have colour, glitter or nail art designs encapsulated in each nail or choose to have colour or hand painted designs on top of each nail.  As there is no plastic tip attached to the nails, there is less bulk added to the nails, even when nail art is applied.

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